Paying for Marjorie's Legal Services

Marjorie's Regular Hourly Rate

For most cases, Marjorie charges between $300 and $350 per hour.  She will ask you for a retainer to be paid up front to cover the cost of her time working on your case.  Some of that retainer may be non-refundable.  The details of her hourly rate and the amount of the retainer should be discussed during your initial consultation.

Flat Fee Cases

Marjorie charges a flat fee for some types of cases--usually criminal or juvenile delinquency cases.  The amount of the fee will be determined by Marjorie after consulting with you about the details of your case.

Free Consultations

Marjorie offers free initial consultations.  These consultations will allow you to meet Marjorie and discuss some of the details of your case.  It is a time for you and Marjorie to decide if you want to work with each other.  It is not a time to expect Marjorie to offer you free legal advice.

Payment Plans

Marjorie understands how expensive hiring a lawyer can be.  If you think that you can't afford to hire a lawyer, talk to her about setting up a payment plan.  She can usually set up a plan to meet your budget.

Travel Costs

Marjorie takes cases all over Tennessee.  In most cases, she doesn't charge for travel.  Don't be afraid to call her if you don't live in the Greater Nashville Area.